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The official MyKFCExperience survey can be filled out on the website www.mykfcexperience.com

Kentucky Fried Chicken otherwise known as KFC is one of the biggest fast-food restaurant chains globally. They are known and loved for their delicious burgers, delectable chicken buckets, and the variety of meals and side dishes.

Be it their nuggets, chicken tenders, or trademark Krushers, KFC has been a pioneer of quality and taste in the food industry. Currently, they have more than 24,000 outlets across the world.

This article hopes to help you learn more about the MyKFCExperience survey and how you can participate in it.

In terms of sales, KFC is the 2nd most sold fast food eatery in the world, missing out the first place to industry giant McDonald’s. As of June 2021, KFC runs operations in 145 countries in the world. 

Customers love their unique menu that never fails to impress. However, there will certainly be times when an outlet fails to deliver according to the standards set by the company or the customers.

It would be foolish to expect that the headquarters in Kentucky would flawlessly monitor a branch halfway across the world; for instance, India.

This is why they launched their website www.mykfcexperience.com. KFC wants its customers to share their true experience buying from them, and it’s very important.

What’s the MyKFCExperience Survey?


It’s no secret that the fast-food restaurant market is completely oversaturated right now. There are new shops opening up left and right, some even offering superior products at competitive pricing.

The customers have all the reasons in the world to make a new restaurant their go-to for burgers and chicken. But how has KFC managed to survive for so long in the hearts of the consumers, maintaining that big of a market share? The answer is that although they are definitely a giant in their game, they still value each customer individually.

Sadly, customer loyalty in an era like this is negligible. It is now more important than ever to make them feel important and KFC is trying everything they can to do so. And a big step in ensuring customer satisfaction was launching the MyKFCExperience survey a few years ago.

You are asked to provide your feedback by filling out a survey. The brand gets an idea about customer satisfaction. Customers are free to leave a complaint when taking the survey if they find an outlet that isn’t meeting their expectations. Similarly, they can leave positive words if the outlet’s service surpassed/met their requirements.

If the survey evaluators find any suggestion or concern valid, they will immediately look into it. In fact, the changes can be noticeable from the very next visit to the outlet in question.

And that’s not even the entire thing. Every person that takes the MyKFCExperience survey will be eligible to grab a free chicken Go cup on their next visit to the outlet.

However, market research claims that customers only give 100% honest feedback when they are given complete freedom.

The survey helps the restaurant chain understand the needs and standards of their customers, a crucial marketing strategy to mold the business into its best form for its target audience.

Objectives of MyKFCExperience Survey

Every action has a related cost, so there’s a reason behind everything being done. Similar to any business, KFC also has some objectives behind the survey. Let’s have a look at them:

  • To understand the customer’s perspective – how they evaluate the restaurant’s services.
  • To make sure their products and services are satisfying the customers. 
  • Meet customer expectations. But to fulfill those expectations, KFC would have to be aware of the expectations in the first place. A survey is the best method to derive general information like this from the audience.
  • To know where the restaurant(s) is/are lacking so they can improve one or multiple aspects of it.
  • Help the management figure out the store’s performance.
  • Customers can reveal any issues they or others could be facing with KFC and the management will try to fix it directly.

Why Take MyKFCExperience Survey?

It’s safe to say that KFC is one of the world’s most frequented food franchises. When we say fried chicken, chances are, the word “KFC” pops into your mind first. And for good reason.

Founded in 1952, KFC has been an important part of the fast-food scenario for about seven decades. Any corporation, regardless of size and efficiency, finds it difficult to manage each and every one of its outlets perfectly, and KFC is no exception.

This is where the customers, you, can help them. And while you would think that one feedback wouldn’t make that big of a difference, it really can. And that’s why KFC stresses evaluation on your part.

The best part of the MyKFCExperience survey is that while it’s kept short and sweet, the survey is still pretty thorough. All the questions follow a multiple-choice answers format. In the end, if any of your queries are yet to be addressed, write everything down in the comments box.

And what’s a good survey without an incentive? If you were “too busy” to take two minutes out of your schedule to fill up the survey, this might change your mind. After all, who wouldn’t love a free chicken Go cup?

MyKFCExperience Survey Reward

The chicken Go cups are a favorite from KFC, and now, you can get one as a freebie. But there are two questions that follow: (i) Is this applicable for every outlet in the world? Is anyone eligible for it? and (ii) How do you get that freebie after completing the survey on the website? We will answer both questions so keep reading.

MyKFCExperience Survey Requirements

You can access the survey website which is www.mykfcexperience.com from anywhere in the world, but sadly, only the citizens of the US, Canada, New Zealand, the UK, and the Philippines are eligible for the yummy free Chicken Go Cup.

You must have visited one of KFC’s outlets recently. If you already have the receipt of purchase, then it becomes a matter of a couple of minutes. Every receipt comes with a unique survey code that you have to input along with the time of your visit.

MyKFCExperience Survey Code Example
MyKFCExperience Survey Code Example

In case you didn’t hold onto the receipt, there’s another option for that. You will have to provide a few more pieces of information including store number, date, time, and ticket number.

Keep in mind that if either of the survey code or time of purchase is invalid, you won’t be able to access the survey. This simply means that not everybody will be able to log in and makeup suggestions – they have to be a paying customer. 

The survey is available in two languages – English and Spanish. You have to know how to read and write either one. In addition, you should be at least 18 years old.

You should have a laptop, computer, or smartphone with access to the internet.

MyKFCExperience Survey Restrictions

The 18-years-old age restriction is applicable for every region in every continent. Kids, you will have to sit this one out, sorry!

Moreover, anyone with any sort of professional connection to KFC, no matter how big or strong (which includes the employees’ and investors’ family members) is strictly banned from taking the survey. 

The free chicken Go cup voucher is not transferable. Essentially, you won’t be able to give it to someone else if you can’t go to KFC within the mentioned time limit. Speaking of time limits, you can use the coupon for up to 30 days from the completion of the survey.

And if you visited the outlet over a month ago, you won’t be granted access to the survey. The KFC receipt needs to be valid and less than a month old.

In addition, the offer is limited to per person per visit. Your receipt’s unique code ends once you complete the survey once. A new one will be provided on the receipt of another purchase that you can fill out afterwards.

How To Complete MyKFCExperience Survey

You can complete the survey from your smartphone or laptop.

1. Type in the web address www.mykfcexperience.com in the browser’s search bar and go into the website. Alternatively, directly click on the link.

2. The homepage welcomes you with two simple boxes for the information.

The first asks for the 17-digits unique survey code to be found at the bottom of the receipt with the words “Survey Code” printed on top in large fonts.

The other is for the time – time of purchase. Find that besides the ticket number on your receipt. If you don’t have the survey code, click on that option. You will have to enter a few additional details like the ticket number and the store number.

3. Right under the start button, you can choose English and Spanish as your preferred language.

4. Once you submit the required details, your MyKFCExperience survey starts. It is filled with many questions – all easy to understand. You are asked to rate your experience.

MyKFCExperience Survey Questions
Questions asked in MyKFCExperience Survey

5. After that, you must enter some personal details like address, phone number, and so on.

6. You are almost done! As a sign of gratitude, KFC gives you a unique voucher code. Note that down and next time you’re at the KFC outlet, make sure to cash it in for the freebie chicken Go cup.

Advantages of MyKFCExperience Survey for Customers

After all this, if you’re still questioning why you should consider completing the survey, know that it’s completely fine to be hesitant.

Why do you need to fill this survey, what do you get out of it? Well, the trade-off is pretty nice, so we would suggest you invest a couple of minutes of your day for this.

As we mentioned before, everyone who fills out the survey fully gets a coupon code that can be used on their next visit to the outlet. As of now, the free chicken Go cup is the only benefit KFC offers.

But seeing how most other brands are upping their game, and by upping their game we mean offering a wide variety of tempting benefits, we think KFC might be considering developments as well.

Even if there is nothing extra, why would any sane person pass on free chicken? Especially when the free chicken is coming from the brand that literally reinvented fried chicken – KFC.

Your chicken Go cup will wait for you for a month so make sure you grab it within the stipulated period.

Questions Asked at MyKFCExperience Survey

No need to be anxious! All the questions are completely accessible and relevant based on how you felt being on the premises of KFC and/or eating there on your previous visit.

You shouldn’t have issues answering a handful of relevant questions based on the eatery’s staff, their services, relations, and general insight.

How Secure Is My Data?

The details you will provide on the feedback forms are kept entirely confidential. They are only shared with the staff of KFC with a view to evaluating customer responses. Rest assured, your answers won’t be sold to any third parties.

Since it contains important details of the customers like name, email address, phone number, KFC ensures the highest level of confidentiality in their data collection. The data provided by you is backed up by their data, making it one of their biggest assets.

And although it might seem like it, the data is not used to prepare or develop marketing strategies. The brand only utilizes those to bring in instant improvements to the line of service.

All questions on the MyKFCExperience survey are totally related to consumer support, customer service, and methods through which the overall customer experience can be improved in their outlets. KFC requests every customer to share only the information the survey form asks for.

On that note, this survey can only be conducted via online means. Unless you have bought something from them within a fixed time and then log in online to fill the survey, you won’t be a part of it.

This also means that any sort of offline survey isn’t legitimate. If any employee asks you to divulge personal information claiming they will use it in important customer reviews, we suggest you refrain from sharing it. 

Benefits of MyKFCExperience Reward Survey

Consumers always appreciate businesses that provide a platform for the customers to share their experiences, both positive and negative.

No brand can succeed by staying rigid against criticism. A business can only be brought to the next level by taking numerous steps that increase customer satisfaction and engagement. 

Customer satisfaction surveys are one of the best mediums to gather important data from consumers with a view to enhancing their experience.

KFC’s one is open 24/7, helping them retrieve valuable data from their customers throughout the year. And research shows that a brand that asks for customer feedback and actually works on it, reports higher customer loyalty and sales revenue.

What are the key benefits of a user survey?

1. Help give valuable feedback

Just because a business is launching their customer survey system doesn’t mean they believe there are issues with their products or services. A customer feedback survey allows them to get deeper insights into how customers perceive the service/product/brand.

Many times, the minute details escape the keen eyes of the business. Feedback exposes these problems that they might not even be aware is there.

According to a report by Microsoft, 77% of the consumers view a brand more favorably if they proactively ask and accept customer feedback. 

2. Help find areas of improvement

Another study finds that 70% of unhappy customers are ready to buy from a brand again if their problems are actively resolved. A customer satisfaction survey helps any business determine which of their aspects, products, services, or staffing needs improvement.

3. Understand customers better

Empathy starts with active listening. Straying away from the age-old “The customer is always right,” we would like to propose, “The customer always knows what’s right for them and what they want.”

However, they may fail to fully explain it. What differentiates a good business from a mediocre one? Their ability to determine what their customers want – based on not intuition but necessary customer feedback.

Once the business has the data, they can analyze it to determine whether their efforts are meeting, surpassing, or falling short of the customer expectations.

Interestingly enough, ⅔ of customers are okay with sharing personal information with companies as long as they are receiving a form of perceived value in return.

4. Identify trends

Through a CSAT survey, brands can determine consumer preference as well as trends. Numerous personalized reports give us an idea of trends in different periods by accumulating and comparing the data.

5. Retain existing customers

Behind any great business is a healthy combination of endless effort and smart decisions. Creating new practices to acquire new customers is important, but it’s equally important to retain the existing lot.

A CSAT survey shows customers that businesses care about their opinions. At the same time, they can interact with them.

About KFC

About KFC Restaurant

We all know about KFC’s mascot. The elderly man with a thick goatee in an all-white attire can be found in every single KFC outlet, not to mention their logo and packaging. That’s actually Colonel Harland Sanders.

He was the one who first developed and started selling the unique fried chicken that we now know and love as KFC chicken. The “KFC secret recipe” that everyone is crazy about today was actually rejected a whopping 1,009 times before being accepted.

In 1950, Don Anderson, a sign painter coined the name “Kentucky Fried Chicken.” Sander’s recipe became an instant hit. 

The colonel started a restaurant called Sanders Court and Café in the 30s. After he franchised his recipe to Pete Harman, his friend, the name was changed officially to KFC. After years of misfortune and failure, the business boomed.

KFC is among the very first fast-food chains that originated in America that expanded internationally. Sanders sold the company for $2 million which is worth $15.3 million today (much lesser than KFC’s net worth).

With a cult fan-following, KFC shows no signs of stopping. Now they rely on their customers to maintain their status and integrity. How do the customers help a corporation that big? By filling simple surveys.

Working Day Calendar of KFC

Restaurants and cafes are generally open all year round, even on vacations and holidays. With rush hours being the main period of sales, these eateries focus on maintaining quality service.

So, while you’re off work and feeling elated thinking about the long vacation you will be enjoying, the staff at KFC are coming up with new ideas to make your experience there better.

KFC is open every other day of the year except Christmas. Here are all the days you can expect to find your favorite fried chicken spreading happiness through crunchy, juicy meat:

  • New Year’s Day
  • Martin Luther King Day
  • Presidents’ Day
  • Good Friday
  • Easter
  • Memorial Day
  • Independence Day
  • Labor Day
  • Columbus Day
  • Veterans Day
  • Day Before Thanksgiving
  • Thanksgiving
  • Black Friday
  • Christmas Eve
  • New Year’s Eve

Their regular hours are from 11 am to 11 pm Monday to Sunday.

Additional Information About the MyKFCExperience Survey

  • The Service Management Group (SMG) operates this survey. They also happen to be the service running majority of these experience surveys of other big names.
  • A bill receipt is the only way you get access to the survey as well as the freebie.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to the chain restaurant business, the biggest asset is the loyal customer base. It’s 2021 and there is an alternative for everything, oftentimes cheaper than the original. Consumers need an incentive to stick around.

Feedback plays a vital role in the steady growth and maintenance of a business this large. The MyKFCExperience survey offers benefits to both parties. 

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