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Who doesn’t love pizza, right? But what if it’s not up to the mark? You’ll definitely look for some improvement. Luckily, Pizza Hut allows its customers to leave feedback through a survey, Tellpizzahut online.

You can give your 100% honest review of their food and services. Whether it is a compliment or a negative review, Pizza Hut takes your feedback seriously. They collect all of the reviews through a survey which is initiated by Tellpizzahut. They also offer exciting rewards in return! 

This article will let you know all the ins and out about Tellpizzahut. Keep reading and you’ll get to know the exciting offers Pizza Hut has! 

What is Tellpizzahut?

What is Tellpizzahut
Pizza Hut feedback survey

Tellpizzahut is a customer survey sweepstake program. Pizza Hut surveys its customers through this program to improve their food quality. As a customer, you might have some personal feedback about the food you enjoy at Pizza Hut. The brand wants to acknowledge those reviews and maintain their quality up to customer standards. 

You are free to provide any type of review here. Whether it’s positive or negative, Pizza Hut takes them into consideration and implements them in its services. No wonder how they have been on the top of the business for so long!

It might take 5-10 minutes of your schedule to fill up the survey. But don’t get discouraged because it won’t be a waste of time. By participating in Tellpizzahut’s customer feedback survey, you can win lucrative prizes every day! We will disclose the prizes in the later sections. 

So, if you are an adult, a regular customer at Pizza Hut, and want to win prizes, don’t stop reading! Find out the ways you can participate in this program in the following sections.

Tellpizzahut Survey Quick Overview

Before we get to the details, we think it’s plausible to give a sneak peek of the Tellpizzahut Customer Satisfaction survey beforehand. You will get an idea about the type of survey, the prize money, receipt validity, survey limit, and the coupon expiry date.

Check out this table below if you have less time to spend on this article.

Survey NamePizza Hut Customer Satisfaction Survey
Survey URLwww.tellpizzahut.com
Survey Prize$10 discount coupon code
Receipt Validity7 days
Coupon Expiration Date30 days after the receipt date
Survey Limit1 person per receipt
Coupon LimitLimit 1 Free coupon code per receipt and per visit

Objectives of Tellpizzahut

You might guess Tellpizzahut collects data from the customers for improving their service. That’s correct. However, we want to provide you with a definite picture of what this survey is all about. 

There are numerous reasons why Pizza Hut wants feedback from its customers. Check out these reasons below:

  • To determine if the customer is satisfied with the food quality
  • To evaluate whether the overall quality and service needs any improvement
  • To gain customer trust and loyalty
  • To check if customers are satisfied with the local Pizza Hut employee behaviors
  • To evaluate the popularity of new items
  • To determine whether the prices are affordable to the customers
  • To ensure overall cleanliness and availability of items
  • To dictate whether they are swift enough to provide quality service 

What are the Rewards for Tellpizzahut Survey?

Let’s not delay the prize announcement anymore. Do you know you can achieve $1000 in cash just by filling up these Tellpizzahut survey forms? Crazy! Isn’t it?

Well, Pizza Hut values your time as much as they value your taste. They have a couple of reward options for you. You can receive the following bonuses for just spending your precious 5-10 minutes filling up the survey.

  • Get a $10 off order for each week
  • Free entry in Pizza Hut sweepstakes
  • Daily $1000 cash prize
  • Weekly $500 cash prize
  • Pizza Hut Coupon of $10

So, you have the chance to win a whole grand passively every single day. Even a cash prize of $500 is a lot for just spending 5 minutes filling the form. If you miss out on the cash prize, there’s always a possibility to gain free pizzas. As a true pizza lover, you should not miss out! 

Plus, it will be great if Pizza Hut takes your feedback seriously and upgrades its service. A win-win situation for all! 

Are you all hyped up? Do you feel excited to participate in the survey? 

Easy, there. Tellpizzahut requires some eligibility criteria to allow participants to enter the survey. Before you go out and fill in the form, you must check whether you are eligible to participate or not. 

Our next section is about participant eligibility criteria. Check!

Tellpizzahut Eligibility Criteria

In this section, we will list the criteria that allow you to enter this survey. Check whether you could match with the following requirements:

  • You have to be at least 18 years old or above at the time of participating in this survey.
  • You must be a US resident. Pizza Hut can ask about your proof of legal residence anytime they want. In this case, you have to submit the supporting documents to the Pizza Hut authority.
  • Only outsiders can participate in this survey. No Pizza Hut employee or their family members can participate.
  • It is mandatory to visit Pizza Hut and enjoy the Pizza at least once. Any type of breach in this rule will lead to elimination.  
  • You must be honest with your feedback. Pizza Hut wants to know your real desires about their quality. So, if you apply any dishonesty here, your survey will not be counted. 

How to Participate in TellpizzaHut Survey?

Pizza Hut allows several options to take part in the survey. They always care for consumer comfort. That’s the reason for having multiple options instead of just filling up online forms. 

These methods are:

  • Online Survey Option
  • Phone Call Entry
  • Entry by Postal Services

We’ll walk you through the step-by-step guideline on how you can participate in Tellpizzahut’s survey in all of these methods.

pizza hut survey code on receipt
Pizza Hut survey code example

1. Online Survey Option

  • First of all, you will require a smartphone or a computer to participate through the online mode.
  • Purchase something from Pizza Hut. Keep the receipt with you.
  • Now, enter the official website of the survey company. Just type in www.tellpizzahut.com in your browser’s search bar and the website will pop in right in front of you.
  • Then, you have to pick a language you are comfortable with. There will be two options – English and Spanish.
  • After you have selected the preferred language, you will enter into the website. The site will ask you to provide the 4-5-digit number printed on the receipt you saved earlier. Enter that code. It will initiate your survey process.
  • Fill in the time and date of your visit to the store.
  • The survey will have an option to add your ticket number. Enter that number as well. You will find the number on the top of your receipt.
  • After that, you will notice an option for future participation. Tellpizzahut will send you notifications via email. We encourage you to turn on that option as it enhances the chances of winning.
  • Click next and continue.
  • There will be a bar to provide your email address. Make sure you give out the valid one.
  • Now, enter contact details for joining the Pizza Hut sweepstakes.

Your survey is complete!

Now, let’s look at the steps on how you can enter the contest by your phone.

2. Phone Call Entry

  • Firstly, dial 1-800-815-0474.
  • Follow all the instructions as they say.
  • Complete the whole survey over the phone call.

It’s done. You will receive an SMS notification if you win the prize. 

For those who prefer mailing their survey, check out the postal option below:

3. Entry by Postal Services

  • Go to their website and click on ‘Contact Us’.
  • Enter the date and time of your visit to Pizza Hut.
  • You will see empty bars to enter your Full Name and Address. Make sure you enter your valid address. 

And we are done with this procedure too! The company will send you the survey form via mail. You can fill in the application and resend it to them. 

What Questions Do Pizza Hut Ask in their Survey?

You are probably ready to start with the survey. Do you want to take a sneak peek at the questions? 

We will provide all the questions you might encounter below. It’s a pretty good thing that you want to prepare yourself beforehand.

Here are the survey questions you will be asked:

  • How do you rate your overall satisfaction level with the services and food of Pizza Hut?
  • Did you like the cleanliness at the Pizza Hut premises?
  • How was the staff behavior at the Pizza Hut premises?
  • Did you face any issues while enjoying the services and food of Pizza Hut? If yes, then kindly explain in detail.
  • How can we improve our services?
  • Is the price of Pizza affordable for every person in the United States?
  • Do you recommend Pizza Hut to your friends, family, and relatives?
  • How often do you visit Pizza Hut?

You must remember to answer all of them based on your last visit to Pizza Hut. Be 100% honest with your answers. Or else, you might leave a possibility of getting terminated. 

Want to Contact Pizza Hut?

Pizza Hut is extremely engaging with its customers. Their Tellpizzahut survey already shows how compassionate they are to increase their quality based on customers’ preferences. Hence, it made the best effort to create an official website (Tellpizzahut) to engage more with the customers. 

Though the website is much user-friendly, you may face difficulty while conducting the survey. No worries! You can contact the management team without any dilemma. They will be happy to solve your issues.

The best thing about Tellpizzahut Customer experience is that they are active 24/7. You can ask them about any issue you are facing with the websites. They are much quicker with their responses. 

Here are the contact details of Pizza Hut Customer Service and Tellpizzahut:

Pizza Hut Customer Service Dial Number: 

  • US: 1 800 948 8488
  • Canada: 1 866 364 0825

Tellpizzahut Official Website:


Pizza Hut Official Website:


Pizza Hut Headquarters Address:

7100 Corporate Drive Plano, Texas, United States 75254

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. How Much Money Do You Have to Pay for Each Survey?

Winning $1000 cash or a $10 coupon is really amazing. You get to gain some extra income by only doing the favorite thing you love – eat pizza. So, you go to Pizza Hut, get to eat your favorite pizza slices, come home, and complete the survey. There’s hardly anything that you wouldn’t have done in your regular life.

Though Pizza Hut announces attractive prizes as compensation for your time, do you think it’s really plausible? Sure, you spend some money on the pizza. But would they really give away a grand just because you participated in the survey?

We kid you not – they will! You won’t have to pay a single dime for the survey. It’s absolutely free of cost. Your honest feedback is the most valuable thing to Pizza Hut. And so, they are willing to give away all of those discounts and prize money without any return. 

2. Is it Safe to Provide the Contact Details at the End of the Survey?

If you have read the instructions carefully, you will see that Tellpizzahut collects customers’ information. They take contact details so that they can share updates with you later on.

After you finish the survey, you will notice that they will ask for your contact details. It might appear strange to you as most of the companies take details at the beginning. Also, Pizza Hut only needs to know about your feedback. Why would it require your contact details anyway?

Worry not! Tellpizzahut asks the details of the customer for a good reason. They collect that information to contact the lucky winner after the survey. So, if you are hesitating to put on your information out there, you will likely lose the chance of winning. So, it is necessary that you put your valid contact details at the end of the survey. 

3. What are the Policies if You Order Online?

Now, not everyone goes to Pizza Hut physically. Some people love to order food online and enjoy their meals at home in their pajamas. So, what will happen to those people? Are they allowed to participate in the program?

If you are that person, you don’t have to worry at all. Pizza Hut has thought about people like you too! Once you receive an order confirmation email, click on the link immediately. It will provide you access to the Guest Experience Survey. 

The best thing about this approach is that you won’t even need a separate Feedback Code in this case. However, if you order in-store, you have to enter into the Guest Experience Survey site, and click on the “Feedback Code”. It will provide you the access and you can simply put the code from the bottom of your in-store receipt. 

4. What Happens When You Order Online but Don’t Receive Any Feedback Code?

For online orders, you will always receive Feedback Codes via email. As soon as your order is confirmed, you will get the Order Confirmation link in your inbox. We already mentioned the process previously. 

However, if you don’t receive any email in your inbox, make sure you check the spam folders. It is an automated process. So, there is hardly any chance of missing this link in your inbox. 

You should remember that this link is not sharable. Only you can use it. So, be careful about this matter when you are clicking the link.  

5. What to Do When Your Survey is Not Getting Accepted?

At times, you might encounter such moments when you have filled the survey but the site is not accepting it. This really happens when your Feedback Code expires. 

Usually, the Feedback Code has an expiry date of 5 days. So, you must complete the survey as soon as you finish your pizza. Also, you can use this code only one time. Even if you try to enter the code from different devices, you won’t be able to access it. Instead, Pizza Hut will block you from entering the survey with that code forever. 

Hence, you must follow the rules strictly. Only then you can expect your survey to get accepted.  

6. How Long Does the Reward Coupon Take When Your Survey is Completed?

Like we said, after you complete the survey, you will receive a reward coupon through email. However, you might not receive it immediately after you submit the survey form.

A third party collects your responses and sends the details to Pizza Hut. Then, the company emails you a “thank you” note along with the reward coupon. It usually takes up to 5 days to complete the process. 

So, even if you haven’t received any email, please be patient. Pizza Hut will contact you as soon as possible. 

7. What Should You Do When Your Reward Coupon is not Working?

Now that you have got your reward coupon, it’s time for action. But what if it’s not working? Well, usually reward coupons have only one-time validity just like the Feedback Code. If you try to use it more than once, it will not work.

However, if your reward coupon is not working for the first set, then you can contact their Customer Service. Forward a copy of your Reward Coupon and email it to them. Customer Service will take it seriously and solve the issue. You will be contacted on short notice. 

8. What Should You Do When You Don’t Get Contacted After Filling the Survey?

You might face problems even after you fill out the survey correctly. Sometimes, people tend to complain that even if they had submitted the survey, no one has contacted them. 

Pizza Hut is operating internationally. They tend to have thousands of customers filling out the survey every day. So, this makes the process a little slower to reach the participants immediately. 

However, for any queries, you can always reach out to the Contact Us Forum. You can contact the store directly or online. Pizza Hut is pretty active in providing its customers the best support. So, you can expect to get in line with the Customer Support team hurriedly. 

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Tellpizzahut UK Edition

If you are from the UK, we probably have got you upset by now. All the rewards are only for the Americans and now you start hating your favorite pizza place. Hey, we got your back! 

You’ll be delighted to know that Tellpizzahut also has an official site for the English. However, the instructions and rewards are slightly different than the US survey procedure.

To participate, you have to go to www.tellpizzahut.co.uk. You will receive vouchers for each survey. You cannot use this voucher as an alternative to cash and these vouchers are only valid for UK and Ireland branches. 

You can use each voucher for 4 people maximum per table. Once the survey is done, you will have 10 chances to win £1,000. Apart from that, you will also have the possibility of winning 2 pizzas for 1 voucher. 

Check out the following links for Pizza Hut UK information:

Official Website of Pizza Hut


UK Tellpizzahut Survey Website


Guest Satisfaction Survey of Pizza Hut


Final Words

Tellpizzahut allows Pizza Hut customers to leave their feedback in a survey. This survey helps Pizza Hut to reevaluate its quality and services. This proves how Pizza Hut is deliberately trying to win its customer’s hearts deliberately.

They also announce weekly winners and reward them with $1000 cash or coupons to use next time at Pizza Hut. You have the winning possibilities of either cash prize or free pizzas every single week.

So, we recommend following all the instructions properly and fill in that survey with full honesty.

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